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I work in the Walter J. Brown Media Archives at the University of Georgia Libraries, where I am the Peabody Awards Collection Archivist. Although I work with the entire Collection, and with many other collections in the Archive, the emphasis of my work has been on cataloging our
African-American History and Culture television programs.

I also organize many of the Archive's screenings.
We present programs annually for King Week (January) and Black History Month (February). We have also hosted events in honor of such diverse events as the 50th anniversary of Brown v. the Board of Education, and the 35th anniversary of Sesame Street's premiere, among others.

I received a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science through Valdosta State University in December 2009. Here is my portfolio.

Currently, I am teaching a course called "Cataloging the Web" for VSU. Here is the syllabus.

I received a Masters degree in Instructional Technology through the College of Education here at the University of Georgia in 2005. Here is my portfolio.

During my last semseter I took 2 classes in the EDIT Studio: EDIT 6190, Design and Development Tools, for the 2nd time. (Not because I failed, but because this is a class we repeat! My first time 'round is described below.) Please visit my project management site for this last semester of EDIT 6190.

I also took EDIT 6210, Learning Environments Design II. I am on the Grow Dawgs team. This is the final class in the EDIT Studio series. I also have a project management site for this class.

In Spring 2005 I took EDIT 6400, Emerging Perspectices on Learning, Teaching, and Technology. I wrote a chapter on Teaching and Learning in the Affective Domain for the course's e-book. Please let me know what you think of it!

I also took "Education, Schooling, and the Civil Rights Movement," a Social Foundations of Education course taught by Dr. Derrick Alridge. It was GREAT! I have been learning the history of the Springfield School, an African-American school in Taliaferro County, Georgia.

Springfield School

I took EDIT8350, Instructional Product Evaluation, in the Fall of 2004. Please take a look at my evaluation plan.

I took an independent study which continued EDIT 6900 (my research class from Fall 2003) during the Spring of 2004. View my literature review on teaching with television from EDIT 6900.

I am also volunteering on a project called Bringing it Home: Creating Healthy Generations, a dietary intervention that utilizes a variety of media, including video, to positively influence behavior.

In the spring of 2003, I took EDIT 6200, the second part of "The Studio Experience."
My project management site is on the Web.

During the fall of 2002, I took two classes! Was I out of my mind?

EDIT 6190 is the first part of "The Studio Experience."
During the first half of the semester, I concentrated on learning Macromedia DreamWeaver and Adobe Photoshop. Once I had learned how to use them, I created my big project. Another great adventure!

I had a lot of fun with Coursebuilder (a DreamWeaver add-on) and created a quiz called Patriot Games to accompany the Nixon/Gannon Interviews Collection in Media Archives.

I also took EDIT 6500 and learned how to make Educational Television programs. What a fun class!

In the summer of 2002, I took a class in Instructional Design, EDIT 6170.
Click here to find my work for the course.

I took my first class, Introduction to Instructional Technology, in Spring 2002.
This is the place to find my work for EDIT 6100.

        Task 1: My definition of IT

        Task 2: Powerpoint biography of Carl Fleischhauer

        Task 3: Timeline of Instructional Film, Radio, and Television

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